Our general Email address is:
quilter@smithtownstitchers.com When e-mailing us, please put the name of the
person you wish to contact in the subject line.  We will  be able to direct your mail
accordingly.  Thank you.

mailing address is:
The Smithtown Stitchers, Inc.
PO Box 311
Smithtown, NY 11787-0311

Board Members for 2017:
Guild President - Michele Slaughter     
Membership VP - Madeline Johanson
Programs - Freida Schlesinger & Jan Kaval
Workshops - Diane Marley
Secretary - Dawn Minenna
Block of the Month - Linda Neikem  
Trips - Angelique Sinclair  trips@smithtownstitchers.com
Treasurer - Mary Oehrlein
Newsletter Editor - Dorothy Cardi
Library - Bobbi Stoddard
Comfort Quilts - Rosalie Wong  
Website -  Victoria Stoddard  quilter@smithtownstitchers.com
Hospitality - Lynn Greener (non-board position)

If you would like to contact someone on the board, just click on the
corresponding email address or
quilter@smithtownstitchers.com .
Contact Us
Reimbursement Forms are now available from the website.  If you need to be
reimbursed for expenses made for the Guild, please fill out one of these forms,
attach all receipts and see our Treasurer at the next Guild meeting.
here for a printable form.
Thank you.