WELCOME to Block of the Month (BOM) 2017
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Block of the Month 2017

The theme of the 2017 Block of the Month is Love Letters from the Civil War.  
The idea and blocks are adapted from the book "The Civil War Love Letter Quilt" by
Rosemary Youngs.  We will be making twelve blocks out of the 121 letter and blocks
from her book.  The beginning four blocks of the year are based on Rutherford B. Hayes
letters to his wife.  It seemed appropriate since he later became president even though
he did not win the popular vote!


February: March in the Mountains

March: Skirmishing, Cannon Firing and Uproar

April: Pleasant Campaign

May: A Beautiful Picture

June: Back Home

Later in the year, we will explore women's issues and how they relate to the modern
women of today.  We'll discuss dying techniques of the Civil War era.  We'll also delve
into many options for setting the blocks for the finished quilt.

We will display your interpretation of each block at every meeting.  

Those who complete blocks will be entered into a raffle to win a prize each month.  

There will have be a limited number of printed instructions at each meeting. If you have
the capacity to receive these instructions electronically, please do not take a printed
The instruction have been scanned in a PDF format and will be emailed to those
members that have email addresses listed in the membership list.  Let’s save a few
trees while we’re at it.
Block of the Month
Board Member - Linda Neikem