Past Presidents' Forum
Past Presidents' Forum

A new committee has been established!

The Past Presidents' Forum will meet twice a year to help direct the
community service projects of the guild.  This committee will work
independently of the board and report annually to the guild.  All guild
members that have served a term as president are welcome.  

At the "freebie" section of the stage at guild meetings, an optional
donation jar has been added.  The money collected in this jar will go
KIVA, an organizaiton that makes micro-loans around the world.  
The forum will direct the donated funds toward projects that help
women or further texile/sewing business.  Small loans (starting as
little as $25) when repaid will go into the guild's KIVA account and
can then be reloaned to another woman sewer!

Meet Gloria Ines from Columbia.  She was the recipient of our first
KIVA loan.  It helped her to buy supplies like thread and fabrics to
make quilts and lining to improve her production.

The 2018 Annual Report of community service profjects:
274 Comfort Quilts distributed
1 Quilt of Valor made for Smithtown High School 50th reunion
423 Stockings donated to Operation Support Our Troops
$110 to KIVA - $100 loan (see above) and $10 to KIVA Organization

Next meeting: 7pm June 3, 2019