Smithtown Stitchers, Inc. Membership Form
Membership Fees:
Regular membership: $ 30.00 a year
Senior (65+):  $ 27.00 a year
Student (under 25 years old with a student ID):  $15.00 a year
Please circle one:   New    or    Renewal

Make checks payable to: Smithtown Stitchers, Inc.
Send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with your check and this page of the
membership form to:
Smithtown Stitchers, Inc., PO Box 311, Smithtown, NY 11787


Street Address:


State:                        Zip code:


e-mail Address (please print your email address exactly and clearly):

Contact In Case of an Emergency (ICE):
ICE Name:                                                              
ICE Phone #

I understand as a Smithtown Stitchers member, my membership in good standing means:

Selling a minimum of 4 raffle books for the guild’s raffle quilt
Serving on a committee  
Volunteering 2 hours at the quilt show
Making a Community service “Comfort Quilt”

Member's Signature:


Circle Type of Membership:  Regular($30)   Senior- 65+($27)   Newsletter($12)   Student ($15)

Circle:       Check#                                Cash                         

Please circle the committees you would like to serve on:
a) Board Member:
b) Hospitality: set up & clean up food and beverages
c) Meeting set up and/or clean up: chairs and tables
d) Community Service: participate with projects
e) Raffle Quilt: construction and quilting
f)  Greeters: big sisters to befriend new members
g) Show & Tell: holding quilts
h) Parties: as needed        
i)  Mini Workshops: teach a workshop
j)  Lecturer Assistants: help lecturer, hold up items, setup & take down
k) Hostess: housing, chauffeur, airport pick up and tour guide of guest speakers and teachers
l) Photographer: take pictures at meetings, workshops, shows, and deliver to web and
newsletter editors
m) Historian: gathers tidbits of info to share with the guild or newsletter
n) Library

Membership Information and Location

Renewal and new memberships dues are processed beginning at the first general meeting in
To be on the current membership list, the dues payment deadline is the March general meeting
Members joining after September, pay half the yearly rate.
Membership is limited to 200 members.  
Guests may attend guild meetings for a fee of $5.00. This fee may be applied to your              
membership fee when you sign up on the same night.
No guests are allowed at the December meeting.

Meeting Dates:       The 3rd Monday of every month at 7:30 PM
Meeting Place:        St. James Lutheran Church
                             230 2nd Ave.
                             St. James, NY 11780      
Meeting Times:       Meetings start at 7:30PM.
                             The Library is open from 7:15 PM until the Library raffle drawing.
                              Vendors are available from 7 PM to closing.

Members are expected to:
Sell a minimum of 4 books of raffle tickets for the guild’s yearly raffle quilt. Each year a raffle   
quilt is made to raise money for guild programs.
Make a community service/comfort quilt.   
Volunteer 2 hours at the guild’s Quilt Show
Serve on at least one of the committees listed on the membership form.
               These are all great ways to get to know your fellow guild members.

The Smithtown Stitchers hold a Quilt Show every two years in the odd numbered year. Our next
show is scheduled for April, 2017.

Members:  Your dues must be paid by the January general meeting to enter your quilts in our

Comfort Quilts meet on the 1st Monday of the month to make community service quilts at:
Beyond the Thimble
1597 Rte 112, Suite 103
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776                      Please join in!

Newsletters are sent via email.

Use your membership card to receive discounts at various quilt shops, classes, shows, events.

Our website is available with current events at

Activities and topics at the meetings include:
Speakers, Trips sign up, Workshops sign up, Block of the Month, Guild challenges, Show & Tell,
Community and Raffle quilt info and  assorted other raffles.  

Contracted lecturers usually speak after the business part of the meeting.