Board Member - Bobbi Stoddard
The Library is limited to Smithtown Stitchers Members. Participate in the raffle each
month to help support the Library's budget. Books may be borrowed for one month free
of charge. If a book is returned late, the fee is $1.00 per book for each month
it is late.

If you would like a specific book please email us at
and please put "Library Book" in the subject line. We will gladly bring it to the next
meeting, provided it is in the library archives.

The Library Book List provides a list of the books owned by the guild.  Simply click on
the list to find a resource to complete your latest project or spark some new ideas!

New books are being added to the library all the time.  Some older books were sold off
at the book sale at the August meeting to make room.  A new book list has been
generated that shows the current library catalog.  

2019 Library Book List

It is organized in several ways to make it easier to find what you're looking for.  If you're
looking for a particular book, you can search alphabetically by author or by title.  If you
interested in a certain technique or topic, you can search by category.  

(I've also left the
Old Library Book List link available.  While it may not have the most up
to date information, there are good descriptions of the books inside.)