Board Member - Bobbi Stoddard
The Library is limited to Smithtown Stitchers Members. Participate in the raffle each
month to help support the Library's budget. Books may be borrowed for one month
free of charge. If a book is returned late, the fee is $1.00 per book for each month
it is late.

If you would like a specific book please email us at
and please put Library Book in the subject line. We will gladly bring it to the next
meeting, provided it is in the library archives.

Library Book List provides a link to the summary of books owned by the guild,
organized by technique.  Simply click on the
list to find a resource to complete your
latest project or spark some new ideas!

The newest acquisitions include books on Hawaiian Quilting, Amish Quilts,
utilizing the Go!Qube and a DVD by Mark Sherman.  

Several other new books have been added to the library this year.  Ask the librarian
to bring them to a meeting if you would like to check them out!

Borderland in Butternut and Blue by Barbara Brackman
"A beautiful array of blocks is set on point in a sampler quilt reminiscent of the Civil
War. Using reproduction fabrics that hark back to the 1860s, the color tones of
butternut and blue remind us of the uniforms of the soldiers who engaged in battle.
This book offers a new perspective on the Civil War with each block dedicated to a
woman whose life was touched by the conflict on the Kansas/Missouri border."

Quilts of the Civil War by Barbara Brackman
" Quilts and their makers are an integral part of the story about this incredible period
of American history.  Barbara Brackman offers a rarely discussed perspective from
half of those who lived through it - the women of the North and the South.  Included
are complete instructions for nine projects, which are adapted from historical quilts
and convey an authentic feel.  Definitely modern quiltmaking techniques will inspire
both faithful reproductions and contemporary adaptations of Civil War era quilts.  
The book includes tips for using today's reproduction fabrics and suggestions for
achieving a period look.  Fascinating photos and excerpts from diaries and letters
capture the patriotism and frustration of courageous women on both sides of the

Great Sets by Sharyn Craig
"Follow the roadmap to successful quilts!  Start with the setting instead of the
blocks!  Learn her hands-on techniques for creating the setting of your choice in the
size and colors you want." Features:  "Seven new setting maps of use with any set of
blocks.  Fifteen plus traditional block patterns in two sizes.  Ideas for personalizing
your settings and re-sizing mismatched blocks."

Batiks Inspired By Bali by Suzanne McNeill
"Nothing works to inspire creativity quite like a trip.  A visit to Bali carries you away in
mind, body and soil."  "Enjoy fun and colorful designs. Complete with inspiring
photos from Bali!  Contains fifteen quilts using 2 1/2" "Bali Pop" strips."

Pre-Cut Combo Quilts by Debra Fehr Greenway
14 Quilts That Blend Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Turnovers And More
"Discover a world of exciting design possibilities by blending different types and
sizes of pre-cut fabrics to create stunning quilts in less time. With instructions for 14
quilts and 5 variations, you'll be inspired to start sewing with your favorite fabric lines
and pre-cut stash. As a bonus, each pattern is also fat quarter friendly, featuring
instructions on how to use fat quarters instead of pre-cut fabrics to make each

No Mark Quilt Designs by Nan Moore
"Free-motion quilting designs are perfect for any space. Nan's include 13 meander
and 8 allover patterns with design variations for machine and hand quilting."

The Modern Medallion Work Book by Janice Zeller Ryan & Beth Vassalo
"Medallion quilts, known for detailed borders built around a central focal point, have
seen a resurgence in the modern quilting movement. Savor the intricate piecing and
sophisticated appliqué behind 11 all-new modern medallion quilts, designed by
popular quilting bloggers. Projects range from basic to complex, with each quilt as
unique as its maker. Stitch a ring of Flying Geese, learn how to resize borders, and
master useful techniques, such as sewing inset curves and paper piecing. Mix and
match borders, using the provided line drawings as coloring pages, to plan your
design and create your own unique modern masterpiece!"

Follow The Line Quilting Designs by Mary M. Covey
"Finally, you have exactly what you need to "quilt as desired"! This resource is
packed with a variety of beautiful continuous-line designs that simplify quilting by
machine.  Full-size designs, in 20 coordinating sets, make it a cinch to start using
these quilting patterns right away.  Patterns are perfect for use with home sewing
machines or long-arm machines--or even for quilting by hand.  Pattern groups make
it easy to match designs for blocks, setting triangles, and borders.  Border pattern
sheets fold out to 11" x 25" and include designs from 4" to 7" wide, including motifs
for turning border corners."